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Discover True Wilderness in Ontario

“As natives of Ontario, we always took the beauty of Canada’s most populous province for granted. I remember the slogan on our license plates growing up was “Ontario, keep it beautiful.” I never really thought about what that phrase meant. I grew up on a large piece of land in the middle of the country surrounded by farms, forests and fields. Ontario was beautiful. I just never knew it.

Having travelled the world for the past decade has made us appreciate our home province even more. It took discovering the beauty around the world to open our eyes to the beauty at home. We hope you enjoy this photo journey through Ontario. It’s yours to discover.”


12 Amazing things to see on the Slate Islands

12 Amazing things to see on the Slate IslandsImagine visiting a group of islands where you can witness rare wildlife and Arctic tundra plant life while paddling around dramatic sea cliffs in the middle of the world’s largest fresh water lake. The Slate Islands are located 13 km off the North Shore of Lake Superior, and to visit is an adventure you will never forget. They are home to the…read more

The Milky Way from the Slate Islands on Lake Superior
A view to remember on the Slate Islands


The Wild Coastal Trail of Pukaskwa National Park

The Wild Coastal Trail of Pukaskwa National ParkThe map says that in good weather, the Pukaskwa Coastal Trail can be a terrific hike. If the weather is bad, it is horrible.  They actually used the word “horrible!” While trekking the Arctic headwaters last winter one of our guides said to me “You know the Pukaskwa is difficult right?” More difficult than this? Here we were snowshoeing 100km over snow and ice pulling… read more

Relaxing in the forest of Pukaskwa National Park Blog Image
Lake Superior Provincial Park


In Search of Algonquin Moose – A Canadian Wildlife Safari

In Search of Algonquin MooseThe mist still lay on the lake as we paddled silently through the still waters of Algonquin Park in Ontario, Canada. We had left camp at dawn on our photography safari in search of one of Canada’s largest mammals – the Algonquin moose. Algonquin Park is one of the best places in the world to spot… read more

Camping in Algonquin Provincial Park
Algonquin Moose Safari


Top 5 Things to do on Manitoulin Island

Top 5 Things to do on Manitoulin Island
Located on Georgian Bay in Lake Huron,  it’s the largest freshwater island in the world. Just think of exploring 2766 km2 (1167 square miles) of pristine landscape. Part of the Niagara Escarpment, Manitoulin Island offers some amazing… read more

 Algonquin Park

Taking the horses for a drink on Manitoulin Island


Fly in Lodges of Ontario – A Northern Rite of Passage
Fly in Lodges of Ontario

Nearly everyone we know who loves to fish has gone to a fly in lodge in Northern Ontario. We always fantasized about going to one even though we aren’t avid fishermen. There is just something thoroughly romantic about flying in to a remote lodge and… read more

 6 - Ontario Moment


Pushing the limits again on the Pukaskwa Coastal Trail trail
Pushing the limits again on the trail

If you are looking for one of those badges of honour hikes, or hikes to brag about when your older, the Pukaskwa Coastal Trail fits the bill. Located on the North Shore of Lake Superior, it is a 60km mammoth hike of rugged terrain, perilous sea cliffs, and challenging… read more

 The perfect camping spot on the Benjamin Islands

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