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Adventures in Lake Superior

Challenge Your Body And Replenish Your Soul.

Ocean-like Lake Superior is BIG. In fact, it is the largest freshwater lake in the world by surface area, and the third largest by volume. In the Ojibwe language, the lake is called Gitchi Gummi, meaning “big water”. Since the beginning, Lake Superior has been revered for its qualities of power and unpredictability. Its rugged yet fragile nature makes it one of the most unique and special places on Earth. The Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area is the largest freshwater marine protected area in the world. It is home to herons, peregrine falcons, bald eagles, woodland caribou, over 70 fish species, rare flora and more.

Because of its size, Lake Superior creates its own weather – winds can pick up or change direction at any time, creating waves up to 30 feet, which can make paddling or hiking along the coast line difficult, even for seasoned adventurers.

But if you go with an experienced outfitter, you will safely enjoy unforgettable epic adventures on Lake Superior.

Try this:
If you are looking for a badge of honour and a hike to brag about, the Pukaskwa Coastal Trail is it! Located on the north shore of Lake Superior, this 60 km mammoth hike takes you over rugged terrain, perilous rock cliffs and slippery boulder beaches – all while carrying 15 kg of gear.

Embark on an epic big lake sailing adventure! Learn the art of sailing on a 7-day all-inclusive live-aboard instructional ISPA certification holiday on a 40’ sailboat. Or escape to picturesque, remote Thompson Island in the Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area.

Explore Lake Superior by sea kayak! Paddle in special places like the Slate Islands, Rossport Archipeligo or Lake Superior Provincial Park, where you can see rare wildlife like woodland caribou and Arctic tundra plant life. Ascend to the top of rock cliffs for stunning views. Kayak in sheltered cobalt blue waters beside dramatic rock cliffs. Marvel at the millions of twinkling stars and the Milky Way.

While you are there:
While in Thunder Bay, the northwest gateway to Lake Superior, explore back in time to the year 1816 to experience the fur trade at Fort William Historical Park. There are 42 authentic, reconstructed buildings on the site and actors in period dress to bring it to life.

Be sure to visit the Thunder Bay art galleries and excellent restaurants. For local and regional travel information, visit Thunder Bay and Northwest Ontario. While in Sault Ste. Marie, the eastern gateway to Lake Superior, be sure to visit these attractions: the Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre, the Art Gallery of Algoma, the Agawa Canyon Train Tour and more.

Travelling west to Wawa, must-stops include Agawa Craft and The Canadian Carver, The Trading Post, Young’s General Store, Lake Superior Provincial Park and the Wawa Goose.

For local and regional travel information, visit Sault Ste. Marie and Algoma Country.

Getting there:
For adventures in Northwest Ontario, fly into the Thunder Bay International Airport. For adventures in Algoma Country, fly into Sault Ste. Marie International Airport.


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