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Ontario Adventures

Welcome to Ontario…

The size of France and Spain combined, Ontario is a beautiful land of forests, lakes and rivers. Within just a couple of hours from our energetic cities of Toronto, Ottawa and Niagara Falls – you can be in a pristine wilderness with no other soul to be seen.

Ontario has adventures suitable for couples, families, friends and those that go solo. You could “do-it-yourself” but we recommend you choose from one of the featured adventures – take your pick from our EPIC or CLASSIC selection.

Stoke your wanderlust with these classic and epic adventures in world-renowned Ontario locations. These quintessential Canadian experiences will leave you wanting more…

Epic Adventures – These bad-boy adventures provide off the beaten track-and then some experiences. Mixing longer, stronger itineraries with high adventure, they will engage all muscles as much as the heart and mind. Our Epic Adventures are fully guided and based at iconic Canadian destinations; found deep in the wilderness. Click here to Go Epic!

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classic adventures
Classic Adventures – Go Classic all the way, by dipping your toes into real adventure. These experiences offer shorter, moderately active adventures with low to high level active elements. You will find our Classic Adventures a bit closer to our urban centres, and many are resort-based combining a great mix of simply being with nature and being exhilarated by it! Click here to Go Classic!

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